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This Is Our Youth Tickets

Garrick TheatreLondon

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Set in 1982, at the dawn of the Regan era, Kenneth Lonergan's first play This Is Our Youth depicts forty-eight hours in the lives of Dennis, Warren and Jessica - three rich and bored middle - class teenagers, from New York's Upper West Side. Caught up in the new yuppie culture (for which money, power and success are all) they have stolen $15,000 from their parents without much of an idea of what to do with it. So, without a care for the consequences, they blow it all on a reckless, hedonistic spending spree. This Is Our Youth is a tragicomic portrayal of youth on the brink of adulthood and reveals the ache at the heart of the slacker generation.

Colin Hanks, son of Tom, will be joined by Kieran Culkin (brother of Macaulay and star of highly praised new film Igby Goes Down) and Alison Lohman, one of the stars of Ridley Scott's forthcoming film Matchstick Men.