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The Sistine Chapel ceiling - 1508. The blockbuster project of the Renaissance world. But this time the Pope has surely backed a loser: the man he’s put in charge is simply not up to the job - a temperamental sculptor with next to no experience of painting. He didn’t even want the job in the first place and has never done anything remotely on this scale. He’s all over the place - when he remembers to turn up for work! And who has to cover for him? Who has to put in the hours, teach him his craft, patch up his mistakes, deal with his tantrums and get the job done? Who? That’s right - like any big project, it’s the little guys, the professionals, the men who’ve been doing this kind of thing all their lives...

They’re the ones that are actually going to have to make it happen. As for gratitude, they’ll be lucky if he even remembers to pay them!