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    Running time
    2hrs 45mins approx., including 2 shorter intervals.
    Performance dates
    14 November 2016 - 4 March 2017.

    Buried Child Customer Reviews

    4 / 5 (151 customer reviews)


    15 April 17

    The theatre was great, very comfortable even though it is quite small. The play was something of a surprise. We had no prior knowledge of the play or the playwright but are always willing to try something new. The plot unfolded slowly and it was difficult to see exactly where it was going - that in the end made it interesting. We have nothing but praise for the actors - they were excellent. The comic timing in this black comedy was superb. Ed Harris was brilliant - he was on stage for the whole play - hence, it being in three acts I guess. The other actors were marvellous without exception. Not a play to go and see if you are unwilling to just go with it and find the enjoyment, but rewarding if you approach it with a take it as it is attitude. Once couple in front of us complained constantly and left after the second act but it seemed they had decided five minutes in that they weren't going to enjoy anything about it - so they didn't. I would hesitate to recommend it to anyone just because it is very different, but we enjoyed it. As I say, first rate acting and some really comical moments. Certainly worth a try with an open mind.

    Richard Perry

    1 March 17

    Excellent play acting Ed Harris always the best

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