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les ballets C de la B: Alain Platel’s tauberbach Tickets

Sadler's WellsLondon

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 The critically acclaimed contemporary ensemble les ballets C de la B return to Sadler’s Wells with Alain Platel's new creation tauberbach. In this project,Platel continues previous research into the development of movement material that he describes as 'bastard dance', which has also been explored inpitié!, Out of Context – for Pina and C(H)ŒURS (2012).

This new creation was initiated by actress Elsie de Brauw, who asked Platelto make a performance using both dancers and actors. The starting point is Marco Prado's documentary Estamira, telling the story of a woman who suffers from schizophrenia and who lives and works in a Brazilian waste disposal site. She has developed her own very particular way of communicating with the small community she lives in, giving rise to the theme of the piece: how to live or even survive with dignity under nearly impossible circumstances.

Inspiration is also drawn from Artur Zmijewski’s ‘Tauber Bach’ (Bach music sung by deaf people) and Mozart arias, which will be performed live.

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