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Sadler's WellsLondon

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Sylvie Guillem - Russell Maliphant - Robert Lepage

This remarkable production brings together three of the world's foremost creative minds: internationally acclaimed dancer Sylvie Guillem, world-renowned theatre-maker Robert Lepage  and award-winning choreographer Russell Maliphant.

Eonnagata tells the story of the Chevalier d'Éon, Charles de Beaumont - diplomat, writer, swordsman and a member of the King's Secret, a network of spies under the control of Louis XV. De Beaumont was perhaps the first spy to use transvestitism in the furtherance of his duties and, until the day he died, his true gender was a source of constant speculation, even provoking public bets in the late 18th century.

Eonnagata features stunning lighting by Michael Hulls, lighting designer for the Olivier award-winning PUSH, beautiful costumes by internationally renowned fashion designer Alexander McQueen and an evocative sound design by Jean Sébastian Côté.


"With costume designs by Alexander McQueen and lighting by Michael Hulls, the piece is never less than beautiful" - THE OBSERVER

"Slick direction and seamless transformations ensure a dream-like progression of images. Characters rise and vanish with almost magical sleight-of-hand" - SUNDAY TELEGRAPH