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Chun Yi: The Legend Of Kung Fu Tickets

London ColiseumLondon

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'Spectacle on a grand scale! Heart-poundingly exciting with gutbusting energy. One imaginatively conceived and articulated production number follows another in rapid-fire succession.'
The Vancouver Sun

A truly dazzling spectacle, Chun Yi: The Legend of Kung Fu, combines unbelievable feats of Kung Fu artistry with dance and acrobatics set to an electrifying musical score.

A multi-award winning blockbuster in Beijing, where is has been seen by over two million people, this new production features an ensemble of fifty performers who bring to life an exhilarating fusion of East meets West.

Chun Yi: The Legend of Kung Fu was a hit at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and is re-staged by acclaimed Broadway director Ray Roderick. It tells the poignant story of a young boy who embarks on an epic journey to enlightenment by completing a series of formidable trials to earn his title Chun Yi - The Pure One.

With just 27 performances, don't miss your chance to see the only UK shows prior to Broadway and a major European tour.

A venerable temple master tells a fearful young apprentice the story of a legendary Kung Fu hero to give him insight into the life of a monk.

The story begins when the young Chun Yi is brought by his mother to the temple to start his apprenticeship to become a monk. At first he finds it difficult to adapt to the strict discipline. Under the tutelage of the wise Master, the boy realises if he resists temptation and distraction he will attain focus and competence. At his initiation he is given his name "Chun Yi" - the Pure One.

Growing up, the boy studies hard. Dedicated in both mind and body he learns the art of Zen and skills of Kung Fu, collecting vital life energy, Qi, from heaven and earth. He learns to look to nature and the movements of animals, and carves his body like the stone and steel of the weapons he masters. The Master warns him that truth can easily be seduced by ego.

In spite of his lessons, Chun Yi exults in his new-found power. Vulnerable to illusion, he meets temptation and is distracted from the purity of the Buddhist life. He denies those who are closest to him, and finds himself alone, unprepared for the unexpected trials of life.

Deeply remorseful, Chun Yi moves through meditation to renewed focus. He is now truly ready to become a warrior monk, not for violence or aggression, but a true warrior for peace. So begins his life-long spiritual journey to enlightenment.

Many years later, the wise old Master prepares for the end of his life. Chun Yi is called back to the Temple where the Master passes on to him the staff of his authority as Temple Abbott.

As the story comes to an end, can the fearful young apprentice now find the courage to dedicate himself to the life path of Kung Fu?